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The sealing products from HI-FIX are unvulcanised, have different degrees of adhesiveness and do not become hard with age.

HI-FIX sealing products are used for:

  • Sealing of joints for remote heating pipes
  • Sealing of skylight windows
  • Aluminium/glass facades, glass roofs, winter gardens
  • Environment-protective sealing for roads and airports (non-bitumen)
  • Sealing of water reservoirs

  • Sealing of windows in garage and industrial doors

  • Joining of telecom and low voltage electrical cables

  • Sealing of electricity boxes

  • Sealing in areas where there is no open/close function

​The adhesive butyl rubber tape from HI-FIX can be manufactured with a surface of aluminium foil, plastic foil, vlies tape, polyester fibre or other material, the customer may require.

All our extruded products are finger-lift manufactured. This means that the paper or foil on which our adhesive tape is manufactured, is 5 to 6 mm wider than the produced foil. In this way, removal of the paper or plastic foil during use is eased.

The hot-applied mastic from HI-FIX is heated in melting equipment and is excellently suited to automatic application. Several of our customers use robots with a dosage head in their production.

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