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HI-FIX develops and produces sealants of butyl rubber and other polymer compounds

In our own laboratory, we develop and adjust the products according to the customer’s demand. HI-FIX delivers the sealing mastic as extruded products with dimensions as required by the customer or as Butyl Hot Melt in 20 l buckets or 200 l drums.

Our products are friendly for the environment and do not contain substances that require specific labelling by the authorities.

HI-FIX is a specialised, made-to-order company that works closely together with its customers and their development departments in order to obtain the optimum solutions in the area of butyl rubber sealings.

We work together with large as well as small companies. A contact to HI-FIX is by many companies seen as an optimal solution to developing many different sealing products.

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HI-FIX A/S -  ​Stenagervej 5​, DK-8752 Østbirk  -  CVR: 21798770​  -  Tlf.: 75 78 07 00  -  E-mail: ​hi-fix@hi-fix.dk